Belonging to the City Of textiles Panipat We are the centre where all the magic happens . We started Our E-commerce journey in 2010 with homeshop18 (yes we are that old or shall we say experienced ) Things started To take shape after few hard years and we spread our wings on Flipkart and amazon and Zesture Was born . How we provide at such fair Price ? We we buy a product it goes from manufacturer to a wholesaler to a retailer and then to you . With Zesture We completely changed the dynamics by cutting out the Middlemen ( Wholesalers and Retailers) . When you are shopping with Zesture You are directly buying it from the manufacturer Giving back TO the community Our Core Purpose at Zesture is being a sustainable enterprise and to fulfill that purpose .We started making some of our products from recyclable yarn and contributing to the community through social work.